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  • Blackened Salmon with Dad’s Special Sauce

    Blackened Salmon with Dad’s Special Sauce
  • Flank Steak Salad with Creamy Balsamic Dressing

    Flank Steak Salad with Creamy Balsamic Dressing
  • Creamy Mushroom and Rice Soup

    Creamy Mushroom and Rice Soup
  • Easy Coconut Chicken Curry

    Easy Coconut Chicken Curry


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This one-pan meal features easy, seared chicken breasts and a bright, creamy sauce made with chives, Greek yogurt and lemon for a healthy, delicious dinner.
With just a few simple ingredients like coconut milk, lime juice & sriracha, these spicy coconut shrimp are quick-marinated and then cooked to perfection! They are great on a salad, in tacos or skewered and thrown on the grill.
A delicious seafood dinner that is ready in 20 minutes, this Brown Butter Mahi Mahi Piccata is so simple and easy but elevated! The citrus and brininess with the complex flavor of brown butter is delicious and pairs well with the mild flavor of mahi mahi.
Fingerling potatoes are coated in seasonings and oil before being roasted to perfection with a crispy, crunchy exterior and a soft inside for perfect roasted potatoes every single time!
Almond Crusted Chicken Tenders that are crunchy and nutty on the outside and perfectly juicy on the inside come together with an easy, 3-step dredging process are then pan-fried for a healthy, crispy option that the whole family will love!
These delicious Shawarma-Spiced Baked Chicken Wings are marinated in a shawarma-inspired spice mix before being oven-baked and served with a lemon tzatziki dipping sauce.
This elevated, delicious Clam Fettuccine let’s simple flavors shine and feels like an elegant, restaurant-quality meal that comes together much quicker & easier than you’d think!
Beef Gyro Burgers are filled with spices, parsley & feta cheese then topped with a homemade healthy tzatziki sauce for a delicious Mediterranean-inspired take on a burger!
These Mushroom Muffuletta Sandwiches are a great vegetarian option with tons of flavor from the toasted ciabatta buns, delicious pesto, creamy provolone cheese, briny homemade muffuletta mix with meaty shiitake mushrooms and topped with arugula!