With just a few simple ingredients like coconut milk, lime juice & sriracha, these spicy coconut shrimp are quick-marinated and then cooked to perfection! They are great on a salad, in tacos or skewered and thrown on the grill.
Panko-breaded shrimp are pan-fried until golden brown & crispy and served in warm tortillas with crunchy shredded cabbage, diced avocado, sliced radishes, cilantro and a homemade, healthy chipotle lime crema sauce for a quick, delicious taco dinner.
This refreshing salad has a base of butter lettuce and mixed greens, baby tomatoes, red onion, avocado and roasted, smoky corn topped with tender shrimp and honey lime vinaigrette.
Easy, flavorful shrimp are cooked with garlic, cilantro and lime over a bed of coconut rice.